Custom treatments using the latest technology to achieve extrodinary results.

We offer stand alone treatments, memberships, and 12-24 week skin revision packages.

Victoria Beth Aesthetics offers a complete experience for your skins health using the very latest technologies and techniques.

The result is beautiful youthful-looking skin now, and in the future.

We improve skins appearance, working with mild and challenging skin conditions, including pigmentation, acne, rosacea, acne, scarring, open pores, wrinkles, sun damage, fragile capillaries, and premature aging.

Highly experienced aestheticians take time to listen, so your unique challenges are addressed effectively for the best results possible and the most beautiful skin of your life.

DMK: Non-Surgical Skin Revision

The ultimate skincare journey. Rebuild and rebalance skin to its true potential.

Hydrafacial- Cleanse, Extract, and Hyrdate

3 steps. 30 minutes. The best skin of your life. See instant results with every treatment.

Holistic Facials- Balance Skin

Intuitive, nourishing skin care. Using non-invasive but powerful therapies and high-grade botanicals as well as alternative medicine methods. 


Step 1- Skin Consultation(Your First Treatment)

Book a confidential one-on-one consultation with one of our Paramedical certified Therapists. Or, if you know what treatment you desire, book a standalone appointment for that service.  Your aesthetician will speak with you on your skins past, present, and future. After a cleanse and skin analysis, your Therapist will prescribe a complete at-home skin care regimen and in-clinic treatment plan to effectively address your skin’s needs.

Timeframe: 1-2 hrs. depending on service booked.

Step 2- Skin Strengthening Series

Your treatment plan will consist of a series of skin revising and strengthening therapies (e.g. DMK enzymes, Peels, Stemzyme, LED sessions, Hydrafacial, microcurrent) designed to prepare you skin for more intense prescribed treatments.

TIMEFRAME: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits over 3-6 month period depending on client’s requirements.

Step 3- Prescribed Treatments

Skin is reassessed and prescribed treatments begin. The result? Make-up free, happy, healthy skin.

TIMEFRAME: Monthly for a 6-12 month period depending on treatment and client needs.

Step 4- Maintenance

Restored, rejuvenated skin is treated to maintain results and further improve your skin’s condition for beautiful skin with longevity.

TIMEFRAME: Once ever 4-6 weeks.


  • For your preferred time and date, please book well in advance. If not possible, your name will be added to the waitlist which is checked daily.
  • If your prefer a particular Therapist, please request when booking and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
  • Cancellations and appointment changes require 24 hours notice.
  • We are unable to treat you if you have active cold sores, or had eyebrow tattooing, Botox or filler injected within the last ten days prior to your appointment.
  • At each consultation, your skin is reassessed and your homecare regime is revised. So please come armed with any questions or concerns, and we can discuss how to best love and care for your skin at home.

Prices and Services

We offer packages and memberships to truly transform skin and rewind the clock. These save you money per treatment, and provide a 20% discount on products.

Join a Bootcamp in packages to completely change skin in 3 months or less while receiving a complete homecare kit to jumpstart your skins healing.

Join a Better Skin Monthly membership to take control of your skin and prevent aging and other unwanted conditions in the future. Plus, tailored homecare prescriptions at 20% off.

Because technology and therapies improve at a rapid rate, Victoria Beth Aesthetics is always upgrading and adapting our techniques and equipment. 

Due to this, our treatments and service prices may be modified to reflect this.