Advanced Skin Treatments

Get Started on Your Glowing Skin Journey:

1. Book a service (or a consultation).

2. A Skin Therapist will analyze your skin and create a customized treatment plan based on your concerns .

3. Relax and get pampered with cutting edge, natural and botanically based products. Start experiencing the best skin of your life!

Eyelash Extensions

Level up your beauty routine with eyelash extensions!
-Semi Permanent – Lasts Up to 3-4 Weeks
-Will Not Damage Your Natural Lashes
-Great for Special Occasions & Every Day Wear
-No More Mascara- Get Ready in Less Time
-Water Resistant- Shower and Swim Worry Free
-Comes in Various Lengths and Thicknesses
-Free Consultation to Choose the Best Style for You
-Relaxing & Painless Procedure Takes 2-3 Hours

Natural Skincare Products

Self care is healthcare! We will help you select exactly what you need to pamper and nourish your skin at home. Botanical based products free of toxins, cruelty free, and as eco conscious as possible. Our professional lines are made with high-grade natural ingredients that are gentle enough to help even the most sensitive and reactive skin types.